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Powerful Motivational Speech

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NO LIMITS - Powerful Motivational Speech Video (Featuring David Goggins)

Stand up straight, and keep your shoulders back. Even if there are lights on that make the stage feel like an oven, pit stains on your shirt are distracting. Make sure you wear clothing that will conceal any signs of nervousness. Project confidence. The power of storytelling lies in the images that your audience will create in their heads as you spin your yarn. Stories—brief, relevant stories—are a powerful tool. Deliberately mixing it up in terms of your speech patterns—volume, speed and tone—keeps your audience from being lulled to sleep by a monotone. With regard to speed, slower is always better than fast. When in doubt, slow down and let the tortoise mind catch up to the rabbit speaker. Give them time to ponder your brilliant message. Passion translates into energy and authenticity, and that matters to your audience.

Emotion pulls the audience in and gets them involved in the process. He is the founder of Profit First Professionals , an organization that certifies accountants and bookkeepers in the Profit First method. Read more articles on public speaking. Skip to content. Menu Menu. United States Change Country. Help Log In. Cash Back Rewards Home. Business Cards. Payment Solutions.

International Payments. Other than the general view in terms of productivity and efficiency given in the first section of this article, there are several reasons why motivating your team is necessary. All of which could affect your overall productivity and contribute to the waste of your resources. These reasons and more are why using motivational speeches for your team is important. Sometimes, team members could lose interest along the way and in turn, lose commitment. Motivating your team will generally increase commitment within them and cause them to put in their best efforts towards any tasks assigned to them.

According to NCBI , the success of productivity improvement strategy in a team depends on employee commitment, job satisfaction, skills, and motivation. Job satisfaction is simply how team members feel towards their current job condition. A lot of times, motivation works as a tool for self-development of your team. When the motivation level in your team is fever-pitch high, it facilitates the development of your team members. Help your team members reach their personal goals, and can, in turn, facilitate the self-development of an individual. Once a team member meets some initial goals, they realize the clear link between effort and results, which will further inspire them to do more even at a high level.

Here are a few ways to use motivational speeches. Abraham Lincoln was never the best speaker in the history of American presidents but his first inaugural speech was historic for its heartfelt sincerity and honesty. Keep it Short : No matter how good the speech is or how engaged your team are into listening to you, once you overdo it, they will definitely lose interest. There are places for long speeches but what happens when your team members decide to bail out in the middle of your lengthy speech? Then keep it short. Be careful with sharing sensitive information that could have a negative effect. All these motivational speeches can be used in times when your team is down in motivation probably because they failed at a task and have lost the inspiration to try again, or other related causes of lack of drive.

You can also search online for other speeches or quotes you could use to drastically improve team efficiency and productivity.

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