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Microsoft Swot Analysis

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A SWOT analysis identifies the internal strategic factors strengths and weaknesses and external strategic factors opportunities and threats significant to the business. In this case of Facebook Inc. While Facebook remains one of the leading players in the market, this SWOT analysis highlights issues that the company must address to continue in its global market position.

Also, the company must adjust its strategies and internal factors along with changes in the external factors that affect the business. In this way, Facebook can ensure that its weaknesses are contained and its strengths are sufficient to compete in the international market. However, the company must continue innovating to ensure such market position, considering the threats facing its social networking and online advertising services. Snapchat , and Twitter Inc. Such strengths are internal factors that build business competitiveness.

The company develops its business as a reliable social media service provider. This internal factor enables product development, which is a growth strategy. The company suffers from a number of weaknesses based on the nature of its business. The following weaknesses affect Facebook Inc. This SWOT analysis considers such internal strategic factor a weakness because it makes the company vulnerable to competition.

For example, other companies can develop their social networking services to directly compete against Facebook Inc. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 11 October Business planning and analysis technique. For other uses, see SWOT. Major dimensions. Major thinkers. Frameworks and tools. Main article: Marketing management. Retrieved 24 February Encyclopedia of the City. ISBN Strategic Management. United States: McGraw-Hill. SRI Alumni Newsletter. SRI International. TAM UK. Retrieved Retrieved 10 August International Journal of Innovative and Applied Research : 23— Retrieved 17 March Value Line Publishing. SWOT analysis". S2CID Retrieved 16 March The Practice of Generalist Social Work.

New York, NY: Routledge. Citation: Document. Pittsburg City, California, www. Rutgers School of Social Work. Archived from the original on The Change Agency. Retrieved 28 September Journal of Marketing. American Marketing Association. So, this makes a big impact on consumer decision making. Apple is a leading company in the technology world since the s. As a leader, Apple has a huge market share coupled with consumer expectations that are currently shooting through the roof. Apple has about 8 products in its portfolio when compared to the different products that its closest competitors like Google and Microsoft have. The dependency of Apple on each product is therefore quite high. As such, if a product fails, about 10 percent loss befalls Apple. There is a mutual demand from Apple to raise its product portfolio.

Apple carefully selects the authorized sellers of its products. This exclusivity strategy results in a limited market reach. This weakness exists even with the advantages that come with exclusivity like strong control of the distribution of products. Apple has a limited distribution network across the world with only distribution centers. Although Apple can charge premium pricing and generate hefty profit margins, price-conscious consumers switch to competitive brands like Samsung and dell which offer the same specs products but at reasonable prices. For instance, India, China, and Pakistan customers are moving to android phones such as Samsung because of its excellent features and reasonably low prices.

With premium pricing of its products, Apple largely depends on high-end market segments to sell their products. Generally, high-end market segments only represent a minority of the world market. This is because it rarely markets its products. You only hear about Apple when it is launching a new product or when there has been a recent update on its software or products. Opportunities are external factors that are based on the industry atmosphere. It is the opportunities that influence the policy direction of the business. The following are Apple Inc. Over the years, Apple has dominated the technology arena. They have provided some top of the range of technology products that offer cutting-edge customer experience. This is why they have been able to maintain more than 90 percent customer retention rate.

However, this team needs to be expanded so that the company continues to build on new opportunities with confidence. The company is yet to roll out products that are produced using green technology. This is an opportunity that Apple is yet to embrace in creating sustainable technology that is environment- friendly. Smart wearable technology is soon dominating the world and according to Forbes, these technology devices sales will double by It has been estimated that it will be a 27 billion U. S dollar plus market with over million unit sales. To increase profit margins and command a stronger market base, Apple should consider utilizing artificial intelligence.

Although Apple has extended its Al portfolio, acquired Al startup and DeskConnect to integrate its intelligent search to the Photos app on iPhone, it should consider extending its Al portfolio to have a strong foothold in the coming days. Apple has an opportunity to expand its distribution network to increase its sales and growth. If the company focuses on expanding its distribution network, it can generate higher sales and revenue. Besides, the company stands to benefit from diligent marketing and promotions. When it comes to the tech industry, Apple is a big player who always wants to take the lead.

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